Get Your Vehicle Ready For Summer

Stop by Burnworth-Zollars to get your car Summer ready!

Summer can take a toll on your vehicle, so stop by Burnworth-Zollars to prepare it for Summer 2018. From Summer vacations to weekend road trips your car needs to be ready for anything! At Burnworth-Zollars we can offer seasonal maintenance for a safe and comfortable season of driving.

Beat the Summer Heat
Since your cooling system keeps the engine cool, that makes it one of the most important parts of your vehicle in the Summer. It may need some extra attention before the Summer heat arrives. Burnworth-Zollars can check the radiator and hoses for leaks or cracks. We will make sure all the connections are snug to help ensure that your car won’t overheat this season.

Air Conditioning
We can also check the air conditioner on your car to make sure you will be cool and comfortable while driving around this season. Our technicians will check your vehicle’s AC system to make sure it’s prepared for the Summer heat.

Summer Maintenance

We will make sure you have a fresh oil change for the Summer! Summer weather includes thunderstorms and rain. Burnworth-Zollars can check your brakes to make sure you have plenty of braking left and we can let you know the state of your brake pads.

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