Total Protection Inside & Out!
A vehicle is the second biggest investment in your lifetime. Zurich Shield will allow you to protect your investment from harmful outdoor elements and stains on the inside of your vehicle.

Exterior Protection
The paint sealant helps protect the exterior from all outdoor elements! This includes weather-induced fading and loss of gloss, acid rain, bird droppings and tree sap. The paint sealant will also help prevent permanent hard water etching and industrial fallout. 

Interior Protection
Zurich Shield’s interior protection offers a fabric or leather/vinyl sealant to help extend the life of the interior of your vehicle and protect against premature aging. The fabric sealant extends the life of your fabric seats and carpet by creating a barrier against stains and helps make clean-up easy! The leather/vinyl sealant creates a barrier against stains, helps with premature aging, and helps material retain its natural softness. 

Burnworth-Zollars Zurich Shield
You can purchase Zurich Shield at Burnworth-Zollars and we will put it on your vehicle for protection on the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Ask someone from our sales team for more information about Zurich Shield!

Call us at (260) 894-7176 for more information today!
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